10 DIY Sommer Stirnbänder, die Sie für stilvollen Sommerspaß haben müssen

I have long hair, so in the summer, when it’s really hot outside, I tend to wear it up and off of my face. For this, I need a huge collection of headbands. Whether you have long hair that you want to pin away from your face when it’s hot out, or you just love the look that a fashionable headband gives you, I have a great collection of 10 DIY summer headbands that you are going to love. All of these are easy to make, require very little sewing if any, and are perfect for meeting your summer fashion goals.

10 DIY Summer Headbands You Must Have For Stylish Summer FunFrom reversible headbands to scrap fabric and some great crochet headbands, I promise that you are going to love all of these DIY headbands for summer. If you play sports or have a little one who does, these are perfect for keeping the hair out of your face. And, many of them are fashionable enough to wear to all of your summer outings and get togethers. If you are heading off on vacation, you will definitely want to make a few of these to take along with you. You should also check out my list of 30 top DIY summer sewing projects to make your summer even more fashionable.

There really are some gorgeous DIY headbands in this list, no matter what your style preference. From boho to traditional bandana headbands, you will definitely find something that suits your own fashion needs. And, did I mention that these are all super easy to make? I wouldn’t have it any other way! Be sure that you check these out and let me know which ones are your favorites. You may also want to take a look at these 68 fun and flirty way to refashion your t-shirts this summer.

1. Easy 10 Minute Scrap Fabric Headband

Easy 10 Minute Scrap Fabric HeadbandThis easy 10 minute headband is a great one to make if you are pressed for time. Have you ever put together the perfect outfit and then realized at the last minute that you needed a little something extra? This headband can be made in less than 10 minutes and it is definitely something extra to add to your attire. You make this with wire and scrap fabric pieces – it’s a great way to upcycle fabric scraps that you have on hand.

Tutorial/Source: brit

2. Simple DIY Reversible Headband

Simple DIY Reversible HeadbandYou can make this cute reversible headband in about half an hour or less. You just need two strips of fabric, one for each side and the sewing is really quick and easy. You could do this one with just one fabric strip if you don’t want to make it reversible, but honestly, why wouldn’t you make one headband that you can wear two different ways? This one is super simple and you could totally use scrap fabric or even upcycled t-shirts and other fabrics to make it.

Tutorial/Source: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

3. Gorgeous Daisy Chain Headband

Gorgeous Daisy Chain HeadbandIf you love to crochet, you could easily make this little daisy chain headband that is perfect for summer weddings or other outings. The daisies are pretty easy to crochet or you could buy daisies already done at your favorite fabric store and piece them all together to make this one. Or, just check out this one that is already done for you. I found it on Etsy and it’s less than $10 and comes in sizes from newborn through adult.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

4. Cute DIY Bandana Headband

Cute DIY Bandana HeadbandThis DIY bandana headband is really cute and so traditional. The cost list for this one says $8 but you can get bandanas at the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree for just a dollar each, so it’s not nearly that expensive to make. You also need a hot glue gun and one of those cheap plastic headbands from the Dollar Store. This one is super easy to make and it’s a much better option than a traditional bandana headband that you have to tie on every time you wear it.

Tutorial/Source: thesorrygirls

5. Simple DIY Elastic Headbands

Simple DIY Elastic HeadbandsI can never get enough of these cute little elastic headbands. If you love them too, or you have little ones who do, you can make a whole big batch of them in different designs, colors and fabrics, and do them all in just one afternoon. These are super quick and easy to sew together and they give you the option of having a lovely headband to match every single outfit you own! And you can make these with scrap fabric pieces.

Tutorial/Source: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

6. Boho Style Feather Headband

Boho Style Feather HeadbandI love this little feathered headband, that would be so easy for you to DIY. You just need a strip of leather or hemp, a feather or two and maybe some wooden beads to make this one. It’s a great piece if you are in to the boho style and it’s really fun to wear. You could make this one in about 15 minutes, or just take a look at the one that I found on Etsy. It’s just $16 and it’s already done for you. If you love chic boho décor ideas, you are definitely going to love this boho headband!

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

7. DIY Crocheted Elegant Floral Headband

DIY Crocheted Elegant Floral HeadbandThis DIY floral headband is such an easy one to crochet. It won’t take you long at all to finish and it’s a great crochet project for you to practice your stitches. You could do this in any number of colors or color combinations and they would all be absolutely stunning. This is a fairly easy project even if you have never crocheted anything before. It’s a great first time headband to crochet!

Tutorial/Source: stitchandunwind

8. Easy DIY Twisted Headband

Easy DIY Twisted HeadbandThis DIY twisted headband is perfect for summer…or any other season. It’s really attractive and can be used for casual or more formal attire. I love how easy this one is to make and it’s super comfortable because you make it from a stretchy knit material. You could do several of these with just a yard of fabric and make one for yourself and all of your favorite girls. You could also use upcycled stretchy fabric if you have any on hand.

Tutorial/Source: doityourselfdivas

9. Vintage Inspired Bow Headband

Vintage Inspired Bow HeadbandRemember those headbands with the huge bows that Madonna wore in the 80’s? Well, you can get the same look with this lovely vintage inspired headband. These are crocheted and really elastic so they are super comfortable. You could wear this one for any casual or formal event and it would fit right in. I found this one on Etsy. It’s a really simple pattern to follow with no complicated stitches and the pattern is very versatile.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

10. Tie Dye Upcycled T-Shirt Headbands

Tie Dye Upcycled T-Shirt HeadbandsI love tie dye projects and I love projects that let you upcycle t-shirts into new and exciting things. These DIY tie dye t-shirt headbands are both! You can turn all of those old unworn t-shirts into wonderful new creations and have fun doing it. Kids are going to love these tie dye headbands and they are just perfect for summer with their colors. You definitely want to make a few of these this season! These make great t-shirt upcycling ideas for summer!

Tutorial/Source: diycandy

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