10 Fun DIY Summer Hats That Will Keep You Cool And Fashionable

Summer hats are so much fun…and so necessary at times. If you try to avoid too much sun on your face, a nice fashionable hat will definitely do the trick. Even if you just wear hats for fun, I have a great list of 10 fun DIY summer hats that will help to keep you cool and fashionable this season. These are all easy to make and so much fun to wear!

10 Fun DIY Summer Hats That Will Keep You Cool And FashionableFrom messy bun ballcaps to crocheted floppy hats and some great sewn options, there is a hat in here that you will want to add to your summer accessory list. If you are heading to the beach on vacation, a good floppy hat is a must. If you tend to watch baseball, you definitely want a baseball cap. Whatever your style and whatever your summer activity list, you will find the perfect DIY hat in this collection. This is definitely a list of summer DIYs that you want to check out. And, be sure that you also take a look at my 30 top DIY summer sewing projects. There is something in here for everyone in the family.

I do so love great summer fashion and these DIY summer hats are definitely fashionable. There is something in here to match every personal style. From fedoras and straw hats to classic floppy hats and every other kind of head covering you could imagine, I promise you that you will find the right DIY summer hat. And, you might want to check out these 35 vibrant DIY jewelry ideas to also dress up your summer wardrobe. Between the jewelry and the hats, you will be the most fashionable person on your block this summer!

1. Fun Messy Bun Ballcap

Fun Messy Bun BallcapI love messy bun hats and this is one of my favorites. You can turn an ordinary old ball cap into something fun with just a bit of imagination. Try dying your ballcap a fun summer color or add some embroidery. You know you want something whimsical to show off that messy bun this summer! I found this cute little number on Etsy – it’s specially made for messy buns and it’s under $25.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

2. DIY Crochet Floppy Hat

Imaging crocheting your own adorable little floppy hat. This one is perfect for the beach or pool and it’s a pretty easy one to crochet. You won’t need to know any really complicated stitches or anything. Even if you don’t crochet much, you should be able to make this floppy hat in just a few hours and then you can head off to the beach and show off your handiwork! This is one of those crochet projects that are perfect for beginners!


3. Repurposed Summer Cowboy Hat

Repurposed Summer Cowboy HatIf you want a really fun and colorful hat for summer, just repurpose that old cowboy hat. Or, you can buy a cheap cowboy hat and then make it look much more expensive. You do this with Mod Podge and fabric and it is fabulous when it’s finished. We wear our cowboy hats a lot here in the South and don’t care at all to show them off at the beach when we go. You can show off your own lovely cowboy hat this summer – and you can make this one in under an hour.

Tutorial/Source: cathiefilian

4. Hand Crochet Straw Hat

Hand Crochet Straw HatI love this floppy hat with its big flower – and it’s made from raffia yarn that you crochet yourself. This is a super easy one, even if you are really new to crocheting. The flower can be an old piece from another hat or you could just visit the Dollar Tree and pick up something to embellish your sunhat. These are so comfy, too and will really help to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes.

Tutorial/Source: craftpassion

5. DIY Custom Fedora

DIY Custom FedoraDon’t you just love a nice fedora? I think these little hats have so much character and such a classic look. You can buy a cheap one and then turn it into a nice custom one with some embroidery thread and a few other supplies. This is one of my favorite DIY summer hats, not only because of the fedora itself but because of how simple this one is to do. And, you can do any design and any color that you want.

Tutorial/Source: hisugarplum

6. Hand Woven Straw Hat

Hand Woven Straw HatI love the old fashioned look of this hand woven straw hat. It makes me think of my grandmother when she would work out in her garden. This one would be so easy to make if you know how to weave straw, which is not a difficult process at all. You could even embellish your little straw hat with homemade straw flowers. Or, you can just take a look at this one on Etsy. I love the details in this one and it’s just $60.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

7. Cute Lace Up Visor Style Sunhat

Cute Lace Up Visor Style SunhatTake a cheap old sunhat from the Dollar Tree and turn it into a gorgeous lace up visor style sunhat that you can proudly show off at the beach of the pool this summer. This one is super simple – and you can get hats at the Dollar Tree for just a dollar each, so it’s also super cheap. You just have to cut and then lace up the back of your visor hat. I love the wide brim. It will definitely shade you from the sun this summer.

Tutorial/Source: psimadethis

8. Easy DIY Ombre Sunhat

Easy DIY Ombre SunhatTake an old sunhat – or buy a cheap one if you don’t have one already – and turn it into something gorgeous and unique with a bit of fabric dye. I love this ombre look and you can further customize this one by adding a lovely sash around the brim and even a DIY fabric flower. The ombre look is definitely hot this summer and this is one of my favorite DIY ombre projects to date! If you love ombre home décor projects then you will definitely appreciate this DIY ombre sunhat.

Tutorial/Source: gomakeme

9. Upcycled Shirt Bucket Hat

Upcycled Shirt Bucket HatI love any project that lets me upcycle or repurpose something into something new and exciting. This DIY summer hat is bucket hat style and it’s made from an old shirt. The great thing about this one is that you can make any number of these bucket hats, all in different colors and designs depending on the old shirts that you have on hand. This is a great way to repurpose that old clothing and get a nice summer hat at the same time.

Tutorial/Source: feelincrafty

10. Romantic Cotton Sunhat

Romantic Cotton SunhatHow gorgeous and romantic is this cotton sunhat? I love the cotton material along with the lace and that gorgeous big flower on the side. You could easily DIY this one with some cotton fabric, lace doilies and you could even make the flower out of burlap. This has such a gorgeous old world Southern charm to it – I love it! I found this one on Etsy and it’s just $30.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

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