15 DIY Bath Mats That Add Comfort And Style To Your Bathroom

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Maybe you just need a new bath mat? Whether you are completely redesigning the bathrooms in your home or you just want to add some décor with a new bath mat, I have just the list of DIY projects for you. I found 15 amazing DIY bath mats that will add comfort and style to your bathroom. These are all super easy to make and there is a design in here for every bathroom décor need.

15 DIY Bath Mats That Add Comfort And Style To Your BathroomFrom actual living bath mats that you make with moss to stones, yarn, fabric and other materials, you are going to find the perfect DIY bath mat for all of the bathrooms in your house. I love a good spa look in the bathroom and many of these bath mats will give you that. Whether you prefer wood or stones, you are sure to find a spa like bath mat that will help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your bathroom. There are even some great farmhouse styled bath mats. And, if you are looking to get a farmhouse theme in the bathroom, check out these 25 DIY rustic bathroom décor ideas that will help you to get started.

I love adding new décor to the bathroom – or any room for that matter – that gives it a fresh new look, especially when it’s DIY décor. Whether you are in desperate need of a bath mat to absorb that excess water when your kids step out of the tub or you just want to add something new and exciting to the bathroom to spruce it up a bit, these DIY bath mats are the perfect weekend project. And they won’t even take you all weekend to complete! You can add any of these 20 gorgeous DIY bathroom vanities to your bathroom to dress it up, too!

1. DIY Living Moss Bath Mat

This DIY bath mat is actually made of living moss and it’s fabulous. If you want something unique for the bathroom, this is definitely one that you want to try. Normal moisture levels in the bathroom make this the perfect DIY bath mat and it requires very little watering on a daily basis. How gorgeous would this be on your bathroom floor? And, it’s super comfortable and soft when you step on it – which is so important in a good bath mat!


2. Hand Sewn Terry Cloth Bath Mat

Hand Sewn Terry Cloth Bath MatThis terry cloth bath mat is super simple to sew and it is really comfortable. You can have this finished in a couple of hours, even if this is your first time on a sewing machine. You can make this with an old terry cloth bath towel and then whatever fabric you want to use. It’s so simple and such a great addition to any bathroom, and the sewing pattern could not be easier to follow! You definitely want to add this one to your list of DIY summer sewing projects!

Tutorial: cloud9fabrics

3. DIY Crochet Faux Grass Rug

DIY Crochet Faux Grass RugIf you want the look of nature in the bathroom but you don’t actually want real grass, this DIY crochet faux grass rug is perfect. You don’t need to know any fancy crochet stitches to make this one and if you use the right color of yarn, it will look just like real grass. The pattern is listed as an easy crochet pattern so even beginners can do this one. It’s a great way to add some natural color without actually bringing nature into the bathroom.

Tutorial: lionbrand

4. Recycled Bath Towel Bath Mat

Recycled Bath Towel Bath MatWhy not turn those old torn and faded bath towels into the perfect DIY bath mat? This one is super easy and you know that it’s absorbent since you are making it with bath towels. Even if you purchased the towels to use for this one, you could still make it for around $10 or less. The braided design has such a nice old fashioned throw rug look, too don’t you think?

Tutorial: sistersofthewildwest

5. DIY Chunky Woven Bath Mat

DIY Chunky Woven Bath MatI love the thickness of this DIY chunky woven bath mat! It is perfect for a luxurious spa like feeling in the bathroom and it is really easy to make. You create this one with fabric yarn and cotton yarn and it looks much more complicated to make than it actually is. You could do this one in one solid color or a combination of colors to match any bathroom décor. It would also make a wonderful housewarming gift!

Tutorial: abeautifulmess

6. Simple DIY Crochet Bath Mat

This lemon peel bath mat pattern is so easy to follow and it’s a great pattern even for beginning crocheters. You can easily have this one finished in just an afternoon or two. The pattern is on Etsy and it’s less than $3. You only need to know your basic crochet stitches to make this one and it’s listed as a great one for beginners. If you have a couple of hours and you want a fabulous new bath mat, this is definitely a great pattern for you to try.

Source: Etsy.com

7. Easy DIY Fabric Bath Mat

Easy DIY Fabric Bath MatThis DIY fabric bath mat has a great vinyl backing so it is perfect for sitting beside the tub or shower. You can make this one in under an hour and do it in any design or color that you want. The vinyl backing is super easy to do and it takes less than a yard of fabric to make this one. You also need some inexpensive vinyl flooring, which you can get at any home improvement store for pretty cheap.

Tutorial: inmyownstyle

8. Rustic Quilted Patchwork Bath Mat

Rustic Quilted Patchwork Bath MatI simply adore the look of this quilted patchwork bath mat. It has such a great rustic feel to it and it is super easy to do. Even if you have never done a patchwork design, you are going to love how simple this one is. It’s a great project to upcycle leftover fabric scraps, too. There doesn’t have to be any specific design to this one either. That’s what makes it such a gorgeous rustic looking DIY bath mat!

Tutorial: quiltingbarbie

9. DIY Removable Cedar Shower Floor Mat

DIY Removable Cedar Shower Floor MatThis cedar shower floor mat is fabulous and you can remove it and lay it on the floor next to your tub or shower, too. This is much easier to make than it looks and it will certainly give your bathroom a great spa like look and feel. You make this with some cedar boards and when you’re finished, you can stain it whatever shade best suits your bathroom décor.

Tutorial: addicted2decorating

10. DIY Nautical Knot Bath Mat

If you are looking to create a coastal feel in the bathroom, this DIY nautical knot bath mat is perfect. This is a pretty easy one to make and it has such a great nautical look. You can make this one with yarn, rope, or anything else that you can tie into knots. And, you can make it whatever size you need. Once you get the hang of creating the knots, you will be able to turn this one out pretty quickly.

Tutorial: miniatures

11. Spa Like DIY Pebble Bath Mat

Spa Like DIY Pebble Bath MatCreate the perfect spa like experience in the bathroom with this DIY pebble bath mat. You can make this one for around $10 or less, which is so much better than paying more than $50 for one from a department store. You can buy the stones at the Dollar Store or any home improvement store and then you just have to build the mat, which is really easy. I love the look of this one and it is so comfortable to step on!

Tutorial: curbly

12. Textured Crochet Bath Mat

I found the pattern for this great textured bath mat that you can crochet over on Etsy. The pattern is just $2 and the bath mat is fabulous. You don’t need to know any fancy crochet stitches for this one and it works up pretty quickly. Spend a couple of afternoons crocheting yourself a gorgeous new bath mat. It’s so easy that you may just want to make a couple of these and give them away as housewarming gifts!

Source: Etsy.com

13. Hand Tied Eco Friendly Bath Mat

Hand Tied Eco Friendly Bath MatTake a couple of old bath towels that you would otherwise throw out and use them to create this great hand tied bath mat. You just rip your towels and then knot them to make this and it is so easy to do. Instead of throwing out your old towels – or you could use any number of old clothing pieces – you can recycle them into these great bath mats and give one to all of your family and friends.

Tutorial: curbly

14. Repurposed Wine Cork Bath Mat

Repurposed Wine Cork Bath MatWhat could you possibly do with all of those old wine corks? You could turn them into this amazing DIY bath mat! If you want a great repurposing idea for wine corks, this is it. This DIY bath mat has such a great spa like look and feel and it is really an easy one to make. You just need a collection of corks and some hot glue and you’re all ready to make this one of a kind DIY bath mat.

Tutorial: craftynest

15. DIY Wooden Spa Bath Mat

DIY Wooden Spa Bath MatYou make this DIY wooden spa bath mat from pre assembled squares of outdoor decking and it is fabulous. This is so easy to do and you can make it in any size, or even shape, that you want. Those squares aren’t terribly expensive, either, especially if you find some that are on clearance. Check your local home improvement store for last years designs and take a few home to create this stunning DIY bath mat.

Tutorial: houseofhepworths

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