15 Fun DIY Halloween Party Games That Kids Will Love

When my kids were younger, we loved hosting our own Halloween parties. We would go all out with fun decorations, spooky foods and even some Halloween themed games. If you are planning your own Halloween party this year, I have just the thing for you. I’ve gathered together the best 15 fun DIY Halloween party games that your kids, and their guests, are going to love. These are all really easy to put together and many of them use cheap supplies from the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree. They’re cheap, easy, and so much fun!

15 Fun DIY Halloween Party Games That Kids Will LoveRemember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? There’s a fun Pin the Spider on the Web game that is the same concept but perfect for Halloween. There’s a great cornhole game, some monster tosses and so many other DIY party games that you are going to love. Many of these are great for kids of all ages so whether you have toddlers or pre-teens, you’re going to find some fun party games for them this Halloween. And, if you’re planning a Halloween party, you have to check out these 30 fun DIY Halloween party drinks that will thrill your guests – of all ages!

You can plan your own Halloween party and completely decorate and fill your tables with yummy foods and plan the games, all by yourself. You don’t need a party store to have a fun Halloween party. You just need a few good ideas and these 15 fun DIY Halloween party games are definitely good ideas. No matter what type of party you are planning, you are going to adore these games and your kids are, too. You’ll want to add some of these 30 ghoulish Halloween cupcakes to your party, too.

1. Pin The Spider On The Web Game

Pin The Spider On The Web GameWhat a fun take on the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey game! This pin the spider on the web game would be super easy to make out of those cheap Dollar Store spider webs or you could do it with construction paper or cardstock. I found this version on Etsy and it’s a digital file that you download and print off on your chosen paper. You get the web and the colorful little spiders for less than $10.

Source: Etsy.com

2. Count The Candy Corn Game

Count The Candy Corn GameThis is one of the easiest games ever and kids are going to love playing it at your Halloween party. You just fill an empty fish bowl, glass vase or whatever you have on hand with candy corn. Be sure to count the corn as you go along so you know how many are in the jar. Kids get to spend the night guessing how many candies are in the jar and the closest one to the actual number wins a prize!

Tutorial: bhg

3. DIY Halloween Cornhole Game For Kids

DIY Halloween Cornhole Game For KidsCornhole is such a fun game, even for kids. This traditionally adult game can be turned into the highpoint of your kids’ Halloween party with just a few perks. This DIY cornhole game is really easy to make and it’s dressed up with spooky spiderwebs and spiders that make it the perfect Halloween party game. This is a tabletop game, although if you want to play it outside, you could make it a bit larger, and it’s much cheaper than buying a traditional cornhole game. You could even make this a great way to repurpose mismatched socks by turning those old socks into beanbags.

Tutorial: craftsunleashed

4. DIY Halloween Ghost Toss

DIY Halloween Ghost TossThis DIY Halloween ghost toss game is much like cornhole, but with a few fun differences. You only need one board for this one and instead of throwing bags into a cornhole board, your guests will be throwing them into a ghost! And, the bags are made from orange, or you could use black, balloons that are filled with flour. Kids are going to love playing this game and you’re going to love how easy it is to make.

Tutorial: messforless

5. Super Fun Halloween Bingo

Super Fun Halloween BingoBingo is always fun and this particular DIY Bingo game has a fun Halloween theme. You can print off the sheets and use them as they are or glue them down onto cardstock or even some craft foam in orange or black. And, you can use candy corn or those cute Halloween candy pumpkins as the playing pieces. The candy’s cheap and kids will love the idea. You can have a door prize for the winner, or two depending on how many rounds of Bingo you plan to play.

Tutorial: crazylittleprojects

6. Fun DIY Halloween Bucket Toss Game

Fun DIY Halloween Bucket Toss GameA few cheap buckets from the Dollar Store are all you need to create this super fun DIY Halloween game. You just create bean bags from balloons filled with sand or from old socks and let the kids toss the bags into the buckets. You could also use those little plastic pumpkins from the Dollar Store for this one – or check out their summer clearance aisle. They’ve got plastic buckets right now for less than a dollar each!

Tutorial: getsboredeasily

7. Repurposed Tin Can Halloween Bowling Game

Repurposed Tin Can Halloween Bowling GameI love this DIY Halloween bowling game for a couple of reasons. One, it looks super fun and two, it’s a repurposing project, which I adore. You can turn empty tin cans into fun bowling pins for the kids with this one. What a fun way to upcycle empty cans! You just have to decorate your empty cans to look like mummies, zombies or whatever you want. Then, kids can use a homemade mummy ball to knock the cans down.

Tutorial: keepingitsimplecrafts

8. Super Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

Super Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt GameI found this great little Halloween themed scavenger hunt game on Etsy. You can pick it up for just $3.50. You just print off the cards and then the kids use them to find everything on the list. This would also be pretty easy to do on your own. Just determine what you want the kids to hunt for, hide them strategically around your house or lawn, wherever your party is taking place, and then have cards with the pictures that kids need to find. Such fun and this is a great one even for toddlers.

Source: Etsy.com

9. DIY Marshmallow Toss Game

DIY Marshmallow Toss GameThis marshmallow toss game is great for younger children and it’s really easy to put together. Plus, marshmallows are super soft so there are no worries of the kids getting hurt by flying objects. You need a few small cups for this one, which you will decorate in a cool Halloween theme, and them some tiny marshmallows. This is a great indoor game if it’s too late for little ones to be outside or if the weather isn’t cooperating with your party.

Tutorial: hgtv

10. Pin The Face On The Pumpkin

Pin The Face On The PumpkinJust like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this Pin the Face on the Pumpkin game is loads of fun for kids of all ages. Adults may even like it, too. And, this one is super cheap and easy to make. You just need a pumpkin and then a collection of facial features that kids will attempt to put on the pumpkin while they’re blindfolded. They’re going to love this one and it’s going to bring back so many memories of those party games when you were a kid!

Tutorial: tatertotsandjello

11. Pin The Bow Tie On The Skeleton

Pin The Bow Tie On The SkeletonHere’s another fun Pin the Tail on the Donkey type game that is perfectly customized for Halloween. In this one, kids attempt to pin a bow tie on the skeleton while they’re blindfolded. This is super fun for kids of all ages and it’s really easy to put together. You don’t need anything expensive to make this one, just a few basic craft supplies, a couple of bows for the bow ties and a blindfold.

Tutorial: parents

12. DIY Poke A Pumpkin Game

DIY Poke A Pumpkin GameThis DIY Halloween game is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Basically, everyone who plays gets a prize. You just create the gameboard and then fill the spaces with tiny gifts, like bubbles or other fun Halloween toys. You could even take this one a step further and use dice with it. Have them roll the dice and choose their prize based on the number that they roll, which you coordinate with spaces on the playing board.

Tutorial: projectdenneler

13. Pop Goes The Pumpkin Game

Pop Goes The Pumpkin GameThis pop goes the pumpkin game will remind you of those carnival games from when you were younger. You can hide numbers or even small prizes or confetti inside the balloons when you blow them up. Everyone gets a chance to pop a balloon – blindfolded would make it even more fun! The balloons are all orange and you arrange them into the shape of a pumpkin. How fun is that?

Tutorial: marthastewart

14. Fun DIY Pumpkin Bowling Game

Fun DIY Pumpkin Bowling GameThis DIY pumpkin bowling Halloween game is literally fun for kids and adults, alike. This isn’t one of those games that you make with plastic pumpkins. The bowling pins in this case are rolls of toilet paper that you turn into adorable little ghosts and you use an actual pumpkin to bowl them over! Here’s a little hint – if you want to use your toilet paper again after the game, you can use tape on facial features that just pull off when you’re finished.

Tutorial: idigpinterest

15. Halloween Spin Game

Halloween Spin GameThis spin game is perfect for Halloween parties that are late at night or during rain or other inclement weather. You can easily make this yourself just by putting some fun actions on a board and then adding your spinner. I found this one on Esty, and you can print off everything you need to create the game for just $3.00. You also get a blank version of the game just in case you want to add your own actions and you can make it really sturdy by adding the gameboard to so heavy cardboard and get a great way to repurpose empty cardboard boxes at the same time.

Source: Etsy.com

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