30 Beautiful Beach Essentials You Can Crochet Or Knit Today

Summer is finally here and with it comes trips to the beach for many. Even those who aren’t planning a beach vacation may spend time this summer at the lake or river, basking in the wonderful sunshine and having an amazing time on the water. So, you know what that means, right? It means that it’s time to get those knitting needles and crochet hooks out and start making some beach essentials, and I’ve got just the list of essentials that will make this summer’s beach trip amazing.

From bathing suits and cover ups to floppy hats and large tote bags, there are so many things that you can knit or crochet to take along on your wonderful beach vacation, or that weekend trip to the lake. Whether you’re looking to crochet your own monokini or you want a huge tote bag that will easily hold all of those sunglasses and sunscreen bottles that we moms tend to tote along, there is definitely a project in this list for you. Many of these are so easy that you can finish them in one day, which means you have time to make plenty of essentials before your beach trip arrives. And, if you need a beach blanket, here’s a wonderful list of quick and easy crochet blanket patterns for beginners.

I love the water. Whether I’m spending the weekend at the lake, which we do quite often during the summer, or planning that once a year beach vacation – since I’m not lucky enough to actually live at the beach – I look so forward to summer every year just to be near the water. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or just a little girls’ getaway, those beach essentials are a must and they can be a bit expensive. Of course, they’re not expensive if you make them yourself, which is what this collection is all about. There are some beautiful patterns for shorts and tops in here too, that are perfect for wearing to the beach. And while you’re looking for new things to crochet or knit, be sure to check out these 100 crochet patterns for beginners.

If you’re planning a trip to the beach this summer, or you just want a new crochet or knitting pattern to occupy your afternoons, this is a good collection of patterns. There are so many options and so many different patterns with beautiful designs, all just waiting for you to make them for your summer adventures.

1. Roomy Crochet Beach Bag

Roomy Crochet Beach BagThis beach bag is roomy enough to carry towels, changes of clothing, and other essentials like your sunscreen and even snacks if you need them. It’s an easy crochet and you only need to know the basic crochet stitch as well as half double and chain stitches. This is definitely a must for those beach trips and it’s stretchy so you can get everything you need in just one bag.


2. Large Striped Crochet Bag

Large Striped Crochet BagHere’s another wonderful beach bag that is definitely roomy enough for all of those beach essentials. This one measures 12 by 12 by 18 inches! It’s actually large enough to hold two small Chihuahuas, you know, just in case you want to take your fur babies along on your beach trip. It’s also a really easy bag to crochet and only requires you to know single and chain stitches.

Pattern: poshpoochdesignsdogclothes

3. Easy Crochet Bikini Top And Skirt

Easy Crochet Bikini Top And SkirtThis bikini top and matching skirt are a must for summer. This is a really easy set to crochet, provided you know basic stitches and the skirt is great for a cover up when you are traveling to and from the beach. Sizes run from extra small to extra large and you can crochet A, B, or C cup for the top.

Pattern: garnstudio

4. Crochet Jacket Styled Lightweight Cardigan

Crochet Jacket Styled Lightweight CardiganThis little jacket would be perfect for those evenings on the beach. It’s really lightweight so it’s not too hot for summer and it’s a really easy jacket to crochet. You’ll need to know basic stitches and have three buttons on hand for the crochet covered buttons. This is perfect for casual or semi-formal dates on the beach and the pattern is available in sizes from extra small to 2X large. Oh, and there’s a pattern for a matching bikini top included!

Pattern: garnstudio

5. Casual Crochet Summer Top

Casual Crochet Summer TopHere’s a great top to use as a cover up for that bikini at the beach this summer. It provides the perfect coverage but still lets you see your bikini top through it. It’s a really easy project to crochet, too. It’s listed as an easy pattern and shouldn’t take you longer than a couple of hours to complete. You could crochet this while you’re traveling to the beach!

Pattern: yarnspirations

6. Lightweight Crochet Swimsuit Cover

Lightweight Crochet Swimsuit CoverThis great cover up features a large button in the front to keep it closed and it’s the perfect length to completely cover that swimsuit. This would be great for relaxing on the beach in the evening or for sitting around the campfire at the lake. It’s a pretty easy cover up to crochet and only requires that you know basic stitches.

Pattern: ravelry

7. Drawstring Crochet Beach Shorts

Drawstring Crochet Beach ShortsThese shorts are absolutely gorgeous and so easy to crochet. They have a drawstring waist, so they’re going to fit perfectly no matter what size you need. You can get the pattern for these on Etsy for just over $4 and you only need to know basic crochet stitches like chain, single and double crochet. These will be perfect to wear to the beach or lake this summer!

Pattern: etsy.com

8. Beaded Sand Dollar Bikini Top

Beaded Sand Dollar Bikini TopThis beaded top is gorgeous and really easy to crochet. I love the seashell accents and the fringe, although you could leave both of those out if you don’t want to include them. The top itself is really simple to crochet and will only take you a couple of hours depending on your skill level. The straps can be made in any length and there’s a great tutorial on how to do the invisible join.

Pattern: gleefulthings

9. Crochet Day At The Beach Bag

Crochet Day At The Beach BagThis bag is appropriately called the “Day At The Beach Bag” and it’s wonderful. I love the nautical theme, although you can of course do this in whatever colors and designs you want. It’s really room though and will give you plenty of space for all of those sunglasses, sunscreen and other beach essentials. It’s also pretty easy and quick to work up.

Pattern: mooglyblog

10. Easy Crochet Market Bag

Easy Crochet Market BagThis market bag is lightweight and roomy, just what you need for those trips to the beach this summer. It’s also roomy enough to carry those essentials like extra clothing and a few beach towels. I love how easy this one is to crochet. It works up pretty fast and should only take you a couple of hours from start to finish.

Pattern: knotyournanascrochet

11. Lightweight Beach Bandana/Headband

Lightweight Beach Bandana/HeadbandI love the beach but really don’t love what it does to my hair. Just as soon as that salty air hits me, my hair starts flying out of control, which is why I love this headband or bandana pattern. You can crochet this in no time at all and it will keep your hair back and out of your face when those lovely salty breezes come through. It’s a one size fits all pattern so it’s great for adults or children. You can get this pattern on Etsy for around $3.

Pattern: etsy.com

12. Super Easy Sarong Skirt

Super Easy Sarong SkirtThis sarong styled skirt is very easy for beginners. You create a simple rectangle and that’s it. It ties on the side and is the perfect beach accessory to cover up that bikini when you’re heading indoors for lunch or shopping. You can also use this pattern to make three different garments, all of which are super easy and quick to work up.

Pattern: craftsy

13. Another Fun Crochet Beach Bag

Another Fun Crochet Beach BagHere’s another really fun beach bag that is perfect for holding all of those necessities. It’s got a great peekaboo look in the center and is really lightweight so you won’t get too tired lugging it around. You can alter the pattern to change your yarn weight if you want and even do this in really colorful yarn to give it a great tropical look.

Pattern: elkstudiohandcraftedcrochetdesigns

14. Lightweight Layered Crochet Tank

Lightweight Layered Crochet TankThis beautiful tank looks like two in one. It has a sheer spider web top and a solid tank underneath that give it a wonderful layered look. It’s perfect for the beach with its lightweight and airiness and you could do so many wonderfully bright colors in this one. It’s listed as an intermediate level project because of the layering but you could do it with minimal skills. It may just take you a while.

Pattern: yarnspirations

15. Lighthearted Tunic Styled Cover Up

Lighthearted Tunic Styled Cover UpThis crochet cover up has a fun heart on the front and it’s a pretty easy tunic to work up. It measures 25 inches in height and width, so it’s perfect for using at the beach for a cover up and it’s roomy enough to be extra comfortable. It has a great open design and is super easy to crochet. You could also create your own center design if you want something besides the heart.

Pattern: redheart.com

16. Easy Crochet Floppy Beach Hat

Easy Crochet Floppy Beach HatI love my floppy beach hats! They are so great for keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes and this one in particular is also really easy to crochet. This one is available in sizes for toddlers up to adults and the pattern is really easy to follow. You can get this on Etsy for just over $5 and crochet your own colorful floppy hat for beach season.


17. Vintage Crochet Bikini And Matching Totes

This vintage bikini comes straight from the 1970s. It’s an old McCall’s pattern and it’s just as stylish now as it was in 1972 when it came out. I love the matching tote and the entire project, both pieces, is really easy to crochet. You don’t need to know any fancy stitches and this entire set will only take you a couple of hours or so to complete.

Pattern: groovy

18. Party By The Pool Crochet Swimsuit Cover

Party By The Pool Crochet Swimsuit CoverThis Party By The Pool cover up is perfect for the beach or just lazing by the pool. It’s got a great open weave that is pretty easy to crochet depending on your skill level. It’s listed as an intermediate project and is available in sizes from small to 5XL. If you want a really nice lightweight cover up that is stylish and somewhat easy to work up, this is a good one to do.

Pattern: yarnspirations

19. Knit One Piece Swimsuit

Knit One Piece SwimsuitHere is a great one piece swimsuit that you can knit easily in just a few hours. Note that since the suit is 100 percent cotton, it is recommended that you don’t get it wet, since it may shrink. But, you could change the yarn or even just use this one for hanging out at the Tiki bar or something if you don’t want to swim in it.

Pattern: knitty

20. Simple One Piece Crochet Swimsuit

Simple One Piece Crochet SwimsuitThis one piece swimsuit that you can easily crochet is known as a monokini. It looks like a bikini but it has a decorative piece in the front that joins the two pieces together so technically, it’s a one piece. It’s a pretty easy swimsuit to crochet and shouldn’t take you longer than a couple of hours to finish.

Pattern: craft-craft

21. Knit Pullover Swimsuit Cover

Knit Pullover Swimsuit CoverThis great cover up is a single piece that you pull over your head to wear. It’s listed as an easy project for beginning knitters and is an absolutely beautiful piece to take along on your beach vacation. The length is pretty long so it will perfectly cover those swim suits and it’s stylish enough to wear on out to the restaurant for lunch if you don’t want to run back to the room to change.

Pattern: yarnspirations

22. Crochet Rio Bikini And Cover Up

Crochet Rio Bikini And Cover UpThis little bikini is perfect for tropical vacations and the cover up is really adorable. It’s a short t-shirt styled cover that you pull over your head and it has a great open and airy design that makes it perfect for the beach. This is more for experienced crochet enthusiasts and has a few complicated stitches but overall it’s a pretty easy project and one that works up quickly.

Pattern: lionbrand

23. Knit Striped Bikini And Matching Shorts

Knit Striped Bikini And Matching ShortsThis bikini top and matching shorts is really adorable and you can knit it up in no time. The stripes are really beach worthy although you can do this in a plain color or however you like. You won’t even need a cover up when you have shorts that perfectly match your top and this is a great set for getting out on a boat when maybe you’re not going to swim but you still want to look the part.

Pattern: garnstudio.com

24. Easy Crochet Sea Breeze Top

Easy Crochet Sea Breeze TopThis top tells you by the name that it is perfect for that upcoming beach trip. The Sea Breeze top is a tank that is really lightweight and is perfect for walks along the beach. You can work this one up in just a few hours and the pattern is listed as easy for beginners so no matter what your crochet skill level, you can make and wear this one this summer.

Pattern: lionbrand

25. Crochet Beach Shorts Cover Up

Crochet Beach Shorts Cover UpThese crochet shorts are too gorgeous and really easy to crochet. The pattern is a bit lacy and sort of looks like seashells, so they’re perfect for wearing to the beach. They would be great for taking walks along the beach or heading to the pool from your room. The pattern is pretty easy to follow and you can get it on Etsy for less than $5.

Pattern: etsy.com

26. Pineapple Lace Crochet Cover Up

Pineapple Lace Crochet Cover UpI love the pineapple lace pattern on this cover up and it makes it perfect if you are heading somewhere tropical this summer. This is a great cover up for your favorite bikini or you could wear it as a lightweight cardigan over a sundress. It’s very versatile and super easy to work up.

Pattern: classiceliteyarns

27. Breezy Lace Knit Cover Up

Breezy Lace Knit Cover UpHere’s another great cover up. This one is knitted and the design is gorgeous. It looks like a dress and can be worn as such if you prefer. You could easily wear this one from the pool to a restaurant and it’s pretty easy to knit, too. It’s knit from the top down with increasing rounds every four repeats. It’s a lovely cover up that has a soft flare at the bottom and a gentle drape.

Pattern: makezine

28. Easy Crochet Sunflower Bikini

Easy Crochet Sunflower BikiniThis sunflower bikini is pretty easy to work up and it is absolutely stunning when it’s finished. The straps feature wooden beads, which you could leave off if you wanted. The entire bikini can be worked up in just a few hours and is sure to be the most unique bathing suit on the beach. If you want something that’s pretty easy to crochet and something that is sure to turn heads, this is it.

Pattern: 365crochet

29. Lined Crochet Beach Bag

Lined Crochet Beach BagI love this bag, mostly because it is lined. It’s a pretty easy beach bag to work up and did I mention the lining? You can line it with scraps of fabric that are left over from other projects. This would be a great bag for carrying sunglasses and smaller items that you don’t want to lose. Since it’s not an open design, all of your essentials will stay neatly in place.

Pattern: katidcreations

30. Easy Ursula Crochet Cover Up

Easy Ursula Crochet Cover UpThis Ursula cover up is really unique and really easy to crochet. You’ll need to know basic stitches and will be working through back loops and with seaming. Overall, it’s not difficult at all to create and it is a stunningly unique cover up that isn’t like anything else you’ve ever crocheted. You’ll need about 1,000 yards of yarn and it may take you a couple of hours to complete this one, but it’s definitely all worth it when you see the end result.

Pattern: craftsy

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