50 Decorative DIY Desk Solutions And Plans For Every Room

Recently I realized that my home office desk just isn’t cutting it any longer. I moved my office into a larger room and so I realized that I needed a larger desk. So, what did I do, I started looking for some cool DIY desks and I found 50 simple desk solutions for any room in the house.

50 Decorative DIY Desk Solutions And Plans For Every Room

DIY Desk Materials

First of all, let’s talk materials. What materials do you need to create cheap DIY desks? You can use reclaimed wood, new wood or even repurposed furniture to make your own desk.

I have listed many repurposed desk projects that you are sure to love, even a few great DIY desks from IKEA hacks. And, I’ve even included a few space saving ideas for those of you who need a DIY desk for smaller spaces.

Types Of DIY Desks

Before you build a DIY desk, you need to know what type of desk you need. Do you want a DIY kids’ desk to give your little ones a place to do their homework. Will you need to add in some DIY desk organizers or accessories?

Do you prefer a DIY desk with drawers or maybe shelves? Think about what you need in terms of organizing your desk space and then you can put together the desk that best fits those needs.

Building Your DIY Desk

Once you know the type of desk that you need and what you are planning to build it from, the fun begins. Set aside a few hours to a weekend, depending on your DIY desk plans, and then get busy making your own desk for work or play.

I promise that this will be one of the most rewarding DIY projects you have ever done. I can’t wait to get my desk finished and I really hope that you will share yours.

Home Office Desks

DIY Office Desk With Drawers

This simple DIY wooden office desk has drawers so that you can keep your home office neat and tidy. There is also a gorgeous American flag motif that is burned right into the wood, but you can leave that off or do another design if you want.

This is a pretty simple wooden desk to build and one that shouldn’t take you longer than a weekend to get finished. It’s a great way to add some organization to your home office.


DIY Farmhouse Desk

DIY Farmhouse DeskIf you love DIY farmhouse furniture, then you are really going to adore this DIY farmhouse desk. This is perfect for your home office if you are planning to decorate in true rustic country style. It’s also a really simple wooden desk to build.

The farmhouse quality comes from the wood and the paint – you stain the top in natural wood colors and paint the remainder of the desk white – voila! True farmhouse style! And, you can use repurposed wood for this one if you have it.

Plans: handmade-haven

The Ultimate DIY Wooden Desk

The Ultimate DIY Wooden DeskIf you want something cheap and really simple to build for your home office, here it is. This simple DIY wooden desk could honestly not be easier to make. You don’t need a lot of supplies, just a few boards and wood screws.

If you have wooden boards on hand that you don’t have a project for, this is a good one for those recycled wood pieces. And, the plan is really easy to follow, even if you want to change the specs and make it bigger or smaller.

Plans: joineryplans

Gorgeous DIY Black Walnut Desk

Gorgeous DIY Black Walnut DeskIf you plan to decorate your home office in an elegant décor, this DIY black walnut desk would be the perfect addition. Keep in mind that black walnut boards aren’t cheap. If you can find them from a wholesale dealer then that would be a good idea.

Otherwise, this one may be a bit more expensive unless you have some black walnut that you can recycle. The desk itself is super easy to build and it is absolutely gorgeous when it is finished.

Plans: imgur

Countertop IKEA Hack Desk

Countertop IKEA Hack DeskI absolutely adore IKEA hacks and this desk may just be one of my favorites. This one is really easy to make. You use 2X4s to hold IKEA countertop pieces onto the wall.

You could add as many as you need and even add in a small filing cabinet or nightstand on one side to give yourself some additional storage space for your office.

Note that you are building this one directly onto the wall, so it may not be the best choice for renters.

Plans: imgur

Cheap $40 DIY Desk

Cheap $40 DIY DeskIf money is an issue, don’t fret. You can build a new desk for your home office for around $40 or less. This one in particular can be done for $40, and it is a really easy desk to build.

This is also one of the longest desks that I have seen, so you are getting an entire office space for around $40, which is really cheap. If you need something a bit longer than a traditional desk, and you want to save money, this one is just perfect.

Plans: lprettyhandygirl

DIY Wall To Wall Bookcase And Desk

DIY Wall To Wall Bookcase And DeskIf you are really looking to add some organization and function to a home office or living room, this DIY wall to wall bookcase with desk is perfect. Don’t let the overall look of this one scare you. It’s actually not that difficult to build.

And, this one is perfect for those of you who have tons of books that you need to keep close to your desktop. This would work for just about any room in the house, and it is one that you could have completed in just a weekend or so.

Plans: remodelaholic

Easy To Build L Shaped Desk

Easy To Build L Shaped DeskI like a lot of room in my home office to store things and generally to let papers pile up on my desk. If you need a lot of space, even for a smaller room, this DIY L shaped desk is the perfect solution.

Don’t let the long list of supplies scare you off. This is actually one of the easiest home office desks you could build for yourself. And, if you happen to have a few leftover supplies from other projects, it’s also one of the cheapest.

Plans: smallhomesoul

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Desk

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY DeskI love anything that comes from Pottery Barn. Unfortunately, I don’t always love the price tag. I do adore this DIY home office desk, though. It has that same great look that you would expect from Pottery Barn but without the high price tag.

A couple of wooden file cabinets or nightstands make the ends and then you just have to add the actual desk part. Once it’s done, you could paint or stain it any color you want to match your other office décor. You have to love a great Pottery Barn knockoff.

Plans: ikeahackers

Cheap And Easy DIY Corner Desk

Cheap And Easy DIY Corner DeskWhether you put this baby in the corner or not, this is a really great little desk for your home office, especially if you don’t have enough room for a full sized desk. This one is also really cheap.

You can buy all of the supplies for around $20 to $30. That’s about what you would pay for one of those cheap particle board desks from Walmart, and this one is made from real wood.

Plans: instructables

DIY Full Wall Desktop Solution

DIY Full Wall Desktop SolutionThis DIY desk can take up an entire wall if that is what you need. If you have the space for it, this one is perfect for your home office.

You can use filing cabinets or small cabinets for the ends and then note that there is an open shelf in the center of the desk that is perfect for housing your desktop tower.

You can find a lot of the supplies at thrift stores, which makes this one pretty cheap to build, too.

Plans: findinghomefarms

Easy Put Together Home Office Desk

Easy Put Together Home Office DeskYou don’t really have to build your DIY desk from scratch. Maybe all you need is a few furniture pieces that you are no longer using for their original purpose.

A couple of small bookshelves, a file cabinet or small nightstand and the top off of an old table can be used to create a stunning desk for your home office.

Even those roll able carts would be great for keeping the desktop up, and you can use baskets on the shelves for loads of storage.

Plans: lindsaystephenson

Space Saving DIY Desks

Small DIY Compartment Desk

Small DIY Compartment DeskIf you are low on space, this small DIY compartment desk is perfect. This is a super easy desk to build and it gives you plenty of room for writing or for a small desktop or laptop.

And, it takes up very little space. You can easily build this to fit on a small wall or anywhere that you have room for a desk. And, the rustic design is perfect for living rooms or even dining rooms that are decorated in farmhouse style.

Plans: shadesofblueinteriors

Easy DIY Butcher Block Desk

Easy DIY Butcher Block DeskThis simple DIY desk is perfect for smaller spaces. You make this with a butcher block that is seated on small metal legs. It is super easy to move around if you need to and it fits just about anywhere that you have a little bit of space available.

This one is plenty big enough to hold your desktop or laptop, but it won’t take up all of the space that a traditional desk needs on the floor.

Plans: modishandmain

Cheap Secretary Desk

Cheap Secretary DeskI love the rustic look of this DIY secretary desk. And, if you pick up the pieces that you need from a thrift store, this one is really cheap to build, too. This is a repurpose project, but it’s also a huge space saver.

The desk itself is made from a really small dresser and it gives you plenty of room on top for your computer or other needs without taking up too much space in smaller rooms.

Plans: thedomesticheart

Easy To Build DIY Kitchen Desk

Easy To Build DIY Kitchen DeskIf you really need a desk in the kitchen, but you find that you just don’t have all of the space that you need for it, this is a good solution. This easy to build DIY kitchen desk is made from and old cabinet piece and a butcher’s block for the top.

You can do this one in whatever size you need so that it perfectly fits into the space that you have available. I love the idea of having a desk in the kitchen – or the laundry room if that’s where you have the space!

Plans: hgtv

Rustic Wood Wall Mounted Desk

Rustic Wood Wall Mounted DeskIf space is an issue, this DIY desk is the perfect solution. Instead of needing a lot of floor space, you simply mount this one on the wall. It’s a great desk and has plenty of room to hold what you need on your desk.

The best part is that it doesn’t take up any floor space. You just mount it right on the wall and then you can hide your file cabinets or other items underneath it.

Plans: themerrythought

Space Saving DIY Floating Desk With Storage

Space Saving DIY Floating Desk With StorageFloating desks are great for helping you to save space. This one in particular is really a great space saving solution. Not only does it mount on the wall to save floor space but there is also storage in the desk.

You can keep that desk clutter to a minimum with this one and still not take up too much space in a small office, bedroom or living room. And, you can make this one from recycled wood if you have any on hand.

Plans: shanty-2-chic

DIY Floating Cubby Desk

DIY Floating Cubby DeskHere is another great DIY floating desk that saves you on floor space. And, this one has a great cubby feature right in the front to help you save even more space.

You can hide your keyboard in the cubby when you are not using it or use the cubby for papers, magazines or anything else that you need to keep organized.

This is a super easy one to build and it is perfect for small offices or living rooms when you just don’t have the space for a larger desk. Add some upcycled cardboard box storage baskets and you’re all set.

Plans: bunnings

Fold Up DIY Murphy Style Desk

If you really need something that is going to save space, this DIY murphy style desk is your best bet. This one folds up when you aren’t using it. It attaches to the wall and then folds completely out of the way when not in use.

Talk about a space saver! This is a great one for smaller rooms, and it gives you plenty of space for working on the laptop or for the kids to do their homework.


Two Small DIY Desks In One

Two Small DIY Desks In OneThis DIY space saving desk is actually a coffee table (or a dining room table) that has been cut in half. With this one, you can actually make two desks out of one table.

If you don’t have enough room for a larger desk to stick out, this one will save you space. Plus, you can build two space saving desks and use them in different rooms if needed. This would make a great homework station for the kids!

Plans: thriftdiving

Desk Over Washer Dryer Station

Desk Over Washer Dryer StationIf you really don’t have any space in the house for a desk, this one can be built right over your washer and dryer. I love this idea! It’s mounted a bit higher than the actual washer and dryer so you won’t get the vibrations from the laundry on your desk.

You’ll need a front loading washer and dryer set for this one, but if you have a weekend to work on it, this is a great solution to not having space for an office.

Plans: reddit

Simple Window Mounted Desk

Simple Window Mounted DeskHere is another great DIY space saving desk. If you don’t have a desk or just don’t have room for a larger one, you can simply mount on right there on your window sill.

This one is done on a bay window, but you could probably make it work with any standard window as long as the window frame allows for the desktop to sit comfortably. And, this one doesn’t take a lot of hardware.

You just need something for the desktop and one single leg.

Plans: reddit

DIY Craft Room Desks

Custom Counter Top Craft Desk

Custom Counter Top Craft DeskThis DIY craft desk is made from an old kitchen countertop and it is a pretty easy one to build. If you don’t happen to have an old countertop to use, you can check with a thrift or building store and get one pretty cheap.

Aside from the countertop, you just need to build the base. It gives you plenty of room for all of those crafting supplies and loads of room on top to do your crafting.

Plans: simplifiedbuilding

DIY Craft Desk With Bookshelves

DIY Craft Desk With BookshelvesThis DIY craft desk is made by using bookshelves for the sides. Once you have the bookshelves in place, you just have to add a top. The bookshelves give a lot of support to the desk so you can do just about anything with it.

Plus, they give you so much storage space for all of your craft supplies. This could be a really cheap project too, if you can find a couple of short bookshelves at a thrift store.

Plans: ana-white

Large DIY Craft Desk

Large DIY Craft DeskIf you have the space for a larger craft desk, or you just need the space of a larger craft desk, this one is perfect. You make this one by creating the sides and center bookshelf type legs yourself, which is pretty easy to do.

This one gives you a lot of room on top for crafting and then you have these three legs that also double as shelves to hold all of your crafting supplies.

Plans: infarrantlycreative

IKEA Hack Crafting Desk

IKEA Hack Crafting DeskI love projects that are also hacks. Take this IKEA hack for instance. This takes the Kallax shelving unit from IKEA and turns it into a fully functional crafting desk.

Adding casters to the bottom of the unit lets you move this one around whenever you need. There is so much space for storing things and plenty of room on top for crafting.

And, you can get these units pretty cheap – just check your local thrift stores.

Plans: familyhandyman

DIY Craft Desk With Shelves

DIY Craft Desk With ShelvesWhen you build your own DIY craft desk, you definitely want to give it space for storage. This one is great. It has plenty of storage on the backside of the desk and then it gives you plenty of leg room underneath for your chair.

This would be a great one for your crafting room or for the kitchen if you don’t have a crafting room. It’s really easy to build and you can check out Goodwill or other thrift stores for the supplies and make it really cheap to build, too.

Plans: thecreativeimperative

Another IKEA Hack Crafting Desk

Another IKEA Hack Crafting DeskHere is another great IKEA hack that will let you create a gorgeous and useful DIY craft desk. This one uses a small IKEA dresser as the base. Then you just have to add the tabletop for the desktop and something to support the opposite side.

I love the drawers for crafting desks, especially if you work with yarn or ribbon, or other smaller items. The drawers keep them perfectly safe while you aren’t using them.

Plans: addisonmeadowslane

DIY Modular Craft Desk With Storage

DIY Modular Craft Desk With StorageThis DIY craft desk not only has shelves on one end, it has drawers, too. This is the ultimate crafting desk for you serious crafters. The shelves can hold your larger supplies and the drawers are perfect for knitting needles and other smaller items.

You build this one completely from scratch, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The plans are super easy to follow. You can have this one done in a weekend, and the materials are not at all expensive.

Plans: ana-white

DIY Kids’ Desks

DIY Kids’ Desk On A Budget

DIY Kids’ Desk On A BudgetIf you need a desk for your kids to get their homework done, but you don’t have a lot to spend, this budget friendly DIY kids’ desk is perfect. You just need a top and some legs.

IKEA has adjustable table legs for $3 each, so this entire desk could cost you less than $20. It’s the perfect size for kids and it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the floor.

Plans: sixcleversisters

DIY Chalkboard Fold Up Desk

DIY Chalkboard Fold Up DeskKids of all ages are going to love this neat little wall art type desk. It folds up like a murphy bed, so it is great for smaller spaces. And, when you paint the top with chalkboard paint, it makes it even more fun.

Behind the desk is a bookshelf that holds all of their art and other supplies and even that is hidden away when you fold the desk up and out of the way.

Plans: ana-white

DIY Old Fashioned School Desk

DIY Old Fashioned School DeskIf you are currently adding a rustic or farmhouse theme to your home, this DIY old fashioned school desk is perfect for kids’ rooms. It looks like something straight out of Little House on the Prairie.

Not only does it have plenty of desk space on top, but it also offers storage right under the top. I love the look of this one, especially if old country charm is your décor choice. And, this one is pretty easy to build.

Plans: home-dzine

Cheap And Simple DIY Kids’ Desk

Cheap And Simple DIY Kids’ DeskIf all you have is a couple of hours to build your kids a desk and you want something cheap, easy and space saving, here it is. This simple DIY desk will only cost you the board for the desktop and some brackets to hold it onto the wall.

You can adjust the size depending on how tall your child is, and since there’s nothing underneath, it provides a great place for toyboxes and other bedroom items.

Plans: projectkid

Easy Renovated Chalkboard Desk

Easy Renovated Chalkboard DeskIf you happen to already have a desk on hand to use in your kids’ rooms but you don’t like the way it looks, this is a good idea to renovate it.

This DIY chalkboard desk is simply painted white – or whatever color you need to match your kids’ bedrooms – and then has a chalkboard front.

This is a great chalkboard paint project. Check out thrift stores to get these little desks really cheap and then customize them to match your kids’ rooms.

Plans: bargaincornerdesigns

Fast DIY Pop Up Kids’ Desk

Fast DIY Pop Up Kids’ DeskBelieve it or not, this DIY kids’ desk is made out of cardboard. It’s a great one for smaller children who want to play office or who need a place to color. You just need a few boxes – isn’t it amazing how you can repurpose cardboard boxes into useful items?

Plus, this one is actually pretty sturdy, and you can have the entire desk completed in about half an hour. Just add a chair and some office supplies and your little ones are all set.

Plans: potterybarn

DIY Copper Pipe Desk With Bench

DIY Copper Pipe Desk With BenchHere is a great little DIY kids’ desk that includes an attached bench. This one is made out of copper piping or for younger children you could probably use PVC pipe since it’s quite a bit cheaper.

I love the look of this one, and it takes away those worries of finding the perfect chair to fit up to the desk. You just build the chair right in. Aside from the copper pipe, you just need a couple of boards and some basic hardware for this one.

Plans: abeautifulmess

DIY Kids Storage Desk

DIY Kids Storage DeskThis is a neat little DIY desk for kids. This one has storage for books or other items right there on the sides. You could even alter the plans a bit if you wanted the sides to act more like shelves than magazine holders.

There is plenty of space for all of their books on the sides and more than enough room on top for coloring, reading or doing their homework. You can do this one with reclaimed wood, too if you have any on hand.

Plans: ana-white

Simple DIY Kids’ Desk With Chair

I love this DIY kids’ desk for toddlers and preschoolers. You make the chair for this one, too. The desk has so much room for them to color or read or play with their smaller toys and the chair is so easy to build.

You won’t have to worry about finding a chair that matches the height of the desk when you build it yourself. You can alter these plans if you need to make this one a bit smaller or larger, too.


DIY Computer Desks

DIY Round Computer Desk

DIY Round Computer DeskI absolutely adore this round DIY computer desk. If you have the space, this is definitely a must for gamers or those of you who have to have more than one computer monitor up and running when you are working.

And believe it or not, this one is not at all difficult to build. It certainly helps you to keep your desk organized by putting part of your desktop necessities behind you at all times.

Plans: reddit

Simple DIY Plywood Desk

Simple DIY Plywood DeskIf you need a desk and you need it now, this one is one of the easiest ones that you could possibly build. This simple DIY plywood desk doesn’t require a lot of materials or supplies, and you can have it built in just a couple of hours.

It has a standard design, but you could certainly add some extras like shelving or just put a short bookshelf underneath it for added organization.

Plans: instructables

DIY Wooden Emoji Computer Desk

This DIY computer desk is the perfect size for laptops. What makes it great is that you create it from scratch out of wood, and it has these amazing emojis decorating the front.

This is a great one for teenagers or pre-teens for homework, or it would look great just sitting in your office. The designs are pretty easy to do, and you can probably have this one completely finished in less than a weekend.


DIY Basic Computer Desk

DIY Basic Computer DeskThis DIY computer desk is really simple to build. It could not be more basic, yet it gives you everything that you need for your home office.

There is plenty of space on top for your desktop or laptop, and it has plenty of space underneath for a filing cabinet or other storage solution.

If you want something easy and cheap, you definitely want to take a look at this one. It’s one of the simplest ever in terms of DIY desks.

Plans: popsci

Easy DIY Laptop Desk

If you don’t really need an entire office space, but you just want something to hold your laptop when you’re cruising Facebook or searching for those DIY projects, this easy laptop desk is perfect.

There is no sewing required and honestly, this one is so easy that you can have it completed in just an hour or so. It’s the perfect one for sitting on the bed and browsing the internet or even working from your comfy living room chair.

Plans: freshhomeideas

DIY Repurposed Desks

Repurposed Dresser Desk

Repurposed Dresser DeskYou can build a DIY desk out of just about anything. Take this old dresser for instance. It gives you plenty of space for desktops or other desk needs, and yet you don’t have to spend a fortune to get that new desk.

You can just make a few adjustments, like removing a few drawers, and have the desk that you need. You could even do this with a smaller dresser if you don’t have the space for a larger desk.

Plans: thriftyandchic

DIY Changing Table Turned Desk

DIY Changing Table Turned DeskIf you have furniture from your little ones that you are considering putting in a yard sale or just throwing into storage, think about this. You can build a desk from that old baby furniture.

This DIY changing table desk is the perfect example. This would be great in the kitchen for keeping your cookbooks organized, or you could paint it a bright color and use it in the kids’ bedrooms for their homework desks.

Plans: thriftdiving

Repurposed Nightstand Desk

If you happen to be redoing the bedroom and you have a nightstand that you no longer need, you can use it to create this amazing DIY desk. If you don’t have a nightstand on hand to use, check out your local Goodwill or other thrift store.

You can often pick up old furniture there for just a couple of dollars. Once you have the nightstand, you don’t need much else. This is a really simple nightstand repurposing project, and it’s perfect for getting a space saving desk.


Repurposed Baby Crib Desk

Repurposed Baby Crib DeskI love the idea of turning an old baby crib into a desk for your kids. This is such an easy repurposing project, and the kids will love helping you to turn their old bed into a new desk.

Paint the top with chalkboard paint, especially if you have younger children. Overall, this is probably one of the easiest DIY desks you could possibly make, and it’s a great way to make use of that old baby crib without actually having to get rid of it.

Plans: apartmenttherapy

DIY Antique Piano Desk

DIY Antique Piano DeskI have always wanted an antique piano in my house. If you have one that you no longer use, or you just have one but never actually learned to play the piano, here is a great idea for turning that old piano into a desk.

This one is really simple, and antique pianos have such a beautiful look to them. If you want a new desk, but want something simple, this is a great one. If you don’t have an old piano to use, check local marketplaces.

People often sell them cheap just to get rid of them.

Plans: knickoftime

DIY Repurposed Toolbox Desk

DIY Repurposed Toolbox DeskTalk about a great repurposing project! This old toolbox turned desk is a great way to spruce up the garage, or if you need a desk in your office or kitchen, this would also work.

You can spray paint old toolboxes to make them whatever color you need. And, there are so many little drawers in those toolboxes that give you loads of organization and storage space in your new desk.

This is one of the most creative DIY desks I have ever seen!

Plans: reddit

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