60 Gorgeous DIY Tote Bags With Free Patterns For Every Occasion

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I love tote bags. I have to say, I probably have way more than I will ever use, but that doesn’t stop me from getting more – especially when I find wonderfully easy patterns to make them myself.

Because of my love for tote bags, I have found a wonderful collection of 60 amazing tote bags that you can make yourself. You’re going to really love all of these patterns and you’ll love making all of the bags, too.

60 Gorgeous DIY Tote Bags With Free Patterns For Every OccasionWhether you want something quick to carry your groceries home, need a weekend luggage bag that’s not too bulky, or you just want something to keep your knitting needles and yarn safe and convenient to carry, there is definitely a bag in this collection for you.

Many of these are also repurposing projects and you know how much I love to repurpose. Just check out these 15 brilliant ways to repurpose old bed springs into wonderful treasures.

Note that some of these are ways that you can design your tote bags – there are a couple that require you to already have a bag to use. In those cases you can use the basic tote bag patterns listed to make a bag and then easily transform it into something that you might find on a high end department store shelf. Seriously, there are even leather bags in here that you can easily make yourself.

There’s even a great no sew bag that you make from an old t-shirt. If you want to check out other fantastic crochet ideas check out our beginner friendly 100 crochet patterns post.

You can make some of these bags in less than an hour and many of them can be made from old clothing. You can buy clothing at your local Goodwill or thrift store – even the towels that are used to make a few of these can be bought really cheap.

So, you’ll get an amazing new tote bag and many of them won’t cost you anything. Whether you’re looking for a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner, or you just really want to add a new tote bag to your collection, you’re sure to find the perfect bag in this collection – perfectly fashionable and perfectly easy to DIY. Let’s grab those supplies and make some tote bags!

1. One Yard – One Hour Tote

One Yard – One Hour ToteThis is a gorgeous tote bag and the material that they’ve used gives it such a wonderful beach vacation look. You can have this completely finished in about an hour and it only takes one yard of fabric – hence the name.

Lighter fabric is probably better and really makes it perfect for summer. The bag is 16 inches deep and 19 inches wide when it’s finished – a pretty good sized tote bag for just an hour of work.

Instructions and Pattern: lazygirldesigns

2. Easy Twenty Minute Tote Bag

Easy Twenty Minute Tote BagHow about a lovely tote bag that you can make in less than half an hour, and one that only takes half a yard of fabric? This lovely bag is so easy to make that even beginning sewers can do it, and it takes so little fabric that you could make several and give them as gifts.

You’ll need a couple of yards of webbing and of course, thread to match your material – or contrast it, whatever you prefer.

Instructions and Pattern: purlsoho

3. Basic Booty Bag

Basic Booty BagThis booty bag is made from old jeans! Or whatever pants you have in mind; the point is, it’s a repurposing project that gives you an amazing tote bag when you’re finished.

The bag is just a basic bag, so there’s no lining. I love the idea of having one of these in denim and maybe even sweat pant material. Keep in mind that recommended pant sizes for the bag are junior or misses sizes up to six. Larger sizes will give you a larger bag.

Instructions and Pattern: thelongestyear

4. DIY Mini Book Tote

DIY Mini Book ToteI love books so this little mini book tote really caught my eye. This one really doesn’t take much in the way of supplies. You will need two fat quarters – one of the inside and one for the outside – and some fusible fleece interfacing.

Keep in mind that if you choose a directional fabric, you will need to use more than one fat quarter per side. You’ll see why in the instructions – Overall, this is an adorable little book bag that won’t take you long at all to complete.

Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

5. Braided Handle Tote Bag

Braided Handle Tote BagThis braided handle bag is such a wonderful bag for spring. It is lightweight and you really get a sea captain vibe from the handle. I think it would be gorgeous in navy blue and white, but you use whatever colors you want. It even has a little pocket inside for storing smaller items.

It’s also a relatively easy bag to make and doesn’t take many supplies, so you can do several in different colors so that you’ll have a spring bag for every occasion.

Instructions and Pattern: purlsoho

6. Easy Leather Bucket Bag

Easy Leather Bucket BagYes, you can make your own leather bucket bag and it will look like you bought it at one of those high end department stores. Honestly, this is a much easier bag to make than it looks, and you are going to love showing it off and letting people know that you made it yourself.

You should ensure that you sew really slowly when working with leather, so that your stitches stay straight. It can be a bit difficult to work with for the first time, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Instructions and Pattern: brit

7. DIY Rustic Patchwork Tote

DIY Rustic Patchwork ToteYou are going to love this patchwork tote bag. It has that wonderful rustic look and it’s really easy to piece together. There’s a cute little ruffle toward the bottom and a big button holds it closed.

This is so reminiscent of bags that my grandmother used to carry. I love the colors and the quilted look to it. It’s a great bag for those of you who love he Vera Wang bag collection. Plus, it’s really easy and won’t take you long at all to finish.

Instructions and Pattern: mypatchwork

8. Compact Tote Bag With Surprise

Compact Tote Bag With SurpriseThis tiny little tote bag is cute in itself – but the real surprise is that it holds a full sized tote bag inside. This is perfect for taking shopping! You can carry the small bag and then flip it out and use the larger bag to hold your purchases.

I love the design of the tiny bag and would use it for smaller items. The fact that it houses a larger tote bag is just icing on the cake!

Instructions and Pattern: sudarushka

9. Easy Denim Tote

Easy Denim ToteHere’s another great denim upcycled tote bag, but this one is a bit different. It looks like a huge traditional tote bag and will hold all sorts of items. The handle is long enough to carry on your shoulder and the lightweight bag won’t drag you down.

Plus, you only need the legs of your old jeans to make it – you can totally make this one and the booty bag using the same old pair of jeans!

Instructions and Pattern: craftingagreenworld

10. Impressive DIY Dish Towel Tote Bag

Impressive DIY Dish Towel Tote BagThis is probably the most impressive tote bag I’ve seen in a while. You make it with dish towels. You only need two standard sized dish towels per bag, so there’s not a lot of material needed.

You can easily find dish towels on sale at the Dollar Store for a dollar each. Just imagine the number of bags you could make! I love the simplicity of this pattern and it’s a great project to share with little ones.

Instructions and Pattern: annamariahorner

11. Dish Towel Library Tote

Dish Towel Library ToteThis is another great bag that you can make from a dish towel, and it’s perfect for letting little ones carry their library books. This one only requires one dish towel and of course, matching thread.

I love this idea for letting the kids help with their tote and then using that tote to carry books that they check out from the library. You get to share a craft with them and encourage them to read at the same time!

Instructions and Pattern: ihavetosay

12. Easy Reversible DIY Tote Bag

Easy Reversible DIY Tote BagYou know what’s better than an easy DIY tote bag? This is such an easy DIY reversible bag to make, and you can have this one finished in just a couple of hours. I love reversible bags.

You can choose what you carry based on how you feel or what you’re wearing! I really love how easy this is to make and the possibilities are endless as to what you can create with it.

Instructions and Pattern: instructables

13. Beautiful DIY Doily Canvas

Beautiful DIY Doily CanvasSo for this one, you can buy a canvas bag that’s already made – Hobby Lobby has them for just a couple dollars each. Or, you can make your own canvas bag and then use this gorgeous doily effect to decorate it.

You use a paper doily and canvas paint to create the design – in whatever color you prefer. This is a wonderful way to dress up a boring old bag and make it fabulous.

Instructions and Pattern: ashleyannphotography

14. Dress Stitchery Tote

Dress Stitchery ToteThis dress stitchery method of making a tote bag leaves you with a gorgeous bag that is very reminiscent of old time dresses. I love the whole look of this bag and it’s really easy – plus you get major bragging rights when it’s finished.

It has a great embroidered dress design in the center that is also really easy to make. Little girls – and big girls, too – are going to absolutely love this elegant and old-timey tote.

Instructions and Pattern: amelieandatticus

15. Easy French Seam Bag

Easy French Seam BagThis bag is really easy to make and gives you a sturdy yet lightweight tote that is perfect for holding your knitting or crocheting, or even taking along to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh produce.

The construction is really simplistic. It’s unlined and has french seams that give it a great neat look with no seams showing. For a smaller bag, you will only need about half a yard of material.

Instructions and Pattern: needleandspatula

16. Easy Denim and Gingham Tote

Easy Denim and Gingham ToteThis is a really great bag if you are into gingham and denim. It’s also such an easy bag to create. You need two pieces of fabric, denim and gingham, about 18 by 40 inches long.

To make the bag, you literally just put your fabric together with the right side facing in and sew. Then add the handles and you’re done. There are a few additional steps, but you get how easy it is, right?

Instructions and Pattern: catcancook

17. DIY Versatile Tote Bag

DIY Versatile Tote BagThis bag is very unique, very easy to make, and full of possibilities. You can alter the pattern so many ways and it will look great. I love how many variations there are possible for this one.

The design of the bag is a bit creative which I really love and it can be used for so many different things – from a market tote to a small diaper bag and even a purse. Make one in different colors and you’ll always have a stylish bag for every outfit and every occasion.

Instructions and Pattern: vivatveritas

18. Beautiful DIY Flowered Tote

Beautiful DIY Flowered ToteThis tote bag is gorgeous with its flowers and overall design. You’ll make the flowers from scraps of wool and fabric as well as buttons and other embellishments. The bag itself is made from wool or tweed which gives it a wonderful contrast against the flowers.

It’s also lined with a gorgeous light floral fabric and the entire project can be completed in a day’s time. This is definitely one of those bags that’s perfect for giving or keeping for yourself.

Instructions and Pattern: tearosehome

19. Fold Over Bag

Fold Over BagThis little fold over bag is really cute and it’s really simple. It’s a smaller bag, so you’ll only need about half a yard of material plus another half a yard for the lining.

It’s a great spring bag if you need something a bit smaller than other totes with a bit of character. Make the handle long enough to wear as a cross body – this is a really lightweight bag that holds your essentials but won’t be too heavy to carry.

Instructions and Pattern: placetobloom

20. Freezer Paper Tote Designs

Freezer Paper Tote DesignsHere’s another great method for dressing up those otherwise boring tote bags. This freezer paper design method is as easy as it is beautiful. You can do whatever design you want and the freezer paper helps to make it fabulous.

Use bags that you buy at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s – or whatever craft store you use – or make a plain bag using one of the easy tote patterns and then decorate it with this great freezer paper design.

Instructions and Pattern: zitzmanfam

21. The Frou Frou Bag

The Frou Frou BagI love the name of this bag almost as much as I love the design. The Frou Frou Bag is filled with adorable ruffles and is large enough to use as a diaper bag. This one is a bit more difficult than most of the others on the list, but it’s perfect for intermediate sewers.

It has an adjustable strap and snap closure, and it has four inside pockets that can hold anything you need. If you want a gorgeous bag that is a bit more challenging than simple totes, this is definitely the pattern for you.

Instructions and Pattern: sewsweetness

22. Simple Gathered Tote

Simple Gathered ToteThis funky, unique bag is a great tote to make and to carry. Even if you’re completely new to sewing, you can make this gathered tote that has a drawstring. The bag itself has colorful grommets and the drawstring is a contrasting color, which is really gorgeous.

It’s the perfect sized bag that’s not too bulky and large enough to carry those necessities. It’s so easy to make that you’ll want to have one for every girl in the house.

Instructions and Pattern: allfreesewing

23. Gorgeous DIY Lined Handbag

Gorgeous DIY Lined HandbagThis beautiful bag looks like a designer handbag, but you can easily make it yourself. It’s really inexpensive – unlike those actual designer bags – and it’s a sturdy bag that has loads of room for everything you need to carry with you on a daily basis.

You could use this as a tote or as a handbag. It’s made of wool – although you could use any material you wanted. Wool does give it that nice expensive designer look, though.

Instructions and Pattern: twinkleandtwine

24. Kids Busy Bag

Kids Busy BagThis bag is perfect for long road trips or anytime you need to keep the little ones busy with some creativity. I would totally take this along to doctor’s offices and anywhere you may have to sit and wait.

It’s a bag that is large enough to carry all of their crafting supplies or a few toys and it’s lightweight so it’s easy even for little ones to carry. With zippered pockets and even a crayon pouch, it’s the perfect busy bag for keeping little ones happy.

Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

25. Leather And Canvas Satchel

Leather And Canvas SatchelWhile you’re busy making all these wonderful tote bags for yourself, add in a project for the man in your life. This great leather and canvas satchel is pretty easy to make and it looks like such a professionally made bag.

He’ll never know you made it yourself – until you tell him, that is. You’ll need about a yard of faux leather and a yard and a half of canvas to complete it. It’s got great pockets on the front and truly does look like something you would buy him in the men’s section of Macy’s.

Instructions and Pattern: fleecefun

26. The Library Tote

The Library ToteYou don’t have to use this tote for the library, although it is the perfect size for carrying library books. It’s also a great beach tote or just take it along to the market. It’s large enough to carry whatever you need and lightweight enough to be comfortable.

The little pocket on the front is really handy and you can adjust the size to make it large enough to hold you keys or your cell phone.

Instructions and Pattern: noodle-head

27. Repurposed Pillowcase Tote Bag

Repurposed Pillowcase Tote BagThis little tote bag is a pillow case that has been repurposed. I love repurposing and this is one of the easiest repurpose projects I’ve seen. You can even get pillow cases for a dollar or less each if you visit a thrift store, so you can make many of these.

They’re great for reusable grocery bags or just taking things along with you to the beach or anywhere else you plan to go.

Instructions and Pattern: creativekismet

28. Easy DIY Tank Top Tote

Easy DIY Tank Top ToteTank top totes are among the easiest tote bags to make and since tank tops are relatively inexpensive, they’re also among the cheapest to make. If you have an old tank top that you can use, this one won’t cost you anything.

You’ll want to use tank tops that have front and back necklines that are even so that your bag won’t be crooked. You can easily make a reversible tote bag out of your tank tops, and they all look so very adorable!

Instructions and Pattern: craftynest

29. Bright And Cheery Market Purse

Bright And Cheery Market PurseI love the bright colors in this market purse – although you can do whatever colors you like. The inside of the bag has a pocket and magnetic snaps to keep everything neatly in place.

Believe it or not, those snaps aren’t even difficult to put in. In fact, the entire bag is really easy and it’s a great summer bag. It’s lightweight and will hold all of those outdoor essentials.

Instructions and Pattern: fabricworm

30. Minnie Mouse Inspired Tote

Minnie Mouse Inspired ToteYou can thrill any Disney fan with this cute little Minnie inspired tote bag. Once you get your tote finished – whichever basic tote you choose to make – add some red and white polka dot ruffles to the bottom and create a cute little Minnie shape.

If you’re planning a vacation to Disney World, this would be the perfect tote for keeping sunscreen and other necessities on hand. Or, just make it to carry to the market. It’s adorable either way.

31. Outer Pocket Tote

Outer Pocket ToteThis tote bag has four outer pockets – two on each side. It’s sure to have plenty of space for everything you could possibly want to carry. You don’t need a lot of materials, just the basic fabric, interfacing, and a sewing machine.

The pockets aren’t at all difficult to incorporate which is great and I really love how much room this one has. It would be the perfect carry all for the beach or to keep snacks in the car on long road trips.

Instructions and Pattern: twoflychicks

32. Peek-A-Boo Tote

Peek-A-Boo ToteThis adorable peek-a-boo tote has a chevron pattern sewn right into the center of the front. It’s a cute little bag with plenty of room for all sorts of things, and it’s a relatively easy project to sew together.

The buttons at the top of the peek-a-boo section match the chevron print, and overall the bag is very stylish and unique. Of course, you could skip the contrasting pattern section but that’s what gives the bag so much character.

Instructions and Pattern: allpeoplequilt

33. Piano Inspired Tote

Piano Inspired ToteMusic lovers are going to adore this piano tote bag. It looks like the keys from a baby grand piano and it’s just so elegant and lovely. The hardest part is putting the keys together, which is not too hard.

Overall, this is a really easy project considering it looks really difficult and it’s a great tote for carrying music books or just for showing off your love of the piano.

Instructions and Pattern: boredandcrafty

34. Easy Pleated Tote

Easy Pleated ToteThis DIY pleated tote bag is really stylish and much easier to sew than it looks. Pleats scare me – I mean terrify me. They seem so difficult to do, but this pattern makes it really easy.

I also really love the handles and how the tote could double as a handbag – it looks really stylish! The pattern is really easy to follow. So easy in fact that you may find yourself wanting to make more than one.

Instructions and Pattern: u-handbag

35. Roomy Post Office Bag

Roomy Post Office BagThis post office type bag is perfect for those of you who normally have to carry several packages to the post office or FedEx to have them shipped. Whether for work or even for your home business, if you tend to mail out several packages, or pick them up, this tote will help you to carry them much easier, and it’s a cinch to make.

You only need about one and a half yards of fabric, too, and the tote is big enough to handle a couple of packages, depending on their size.

Instructions and Pattern: elsiemarley

36. Reversible Bucket Style Tote

Reversible Bucket Style ToteBucket style totes may not be the most traditional, but they are really cute and they can hold so much stuff. I love this reversible bucket style tote. Not only can you change it up depending on what you want to carry, it’s a really easy bag to make and it’s lightweight enough so that it doesn’t weigh you down when carrying it.

Instructions and Pattern: sewmamasew

37. Gorgeous DIY Ruffled Bag

Reversible Bucket Style ToteThis little bag looks like a ruffled dress! I love ruffles – not so much making them but looking at them. This pattern looks so very easy and it creates this gorgeous ruffled tote that you are sure to want to carry everywhere.

It’s a drawstring bag and would look great in any color or design. I really love the white, though. Even though it may be hard to keep clean, it has such an elegant look.

Instructions and Pattern: wkdesigner

38. Market Tote With Ruffles, Ribbons, and Ties

Market Tote With Ruffles, Ribbons, and TiesThis bag just has it all – ruffles, ribbons, and ties work together to create this stunning tote that is sure to be your favorite. I love the idea of making these for Mother’s Day, which by the way will be here before you know it.

As beautiful as the bag is, it’s really not that difficult to make and you can embellish with any number of flowers, buttons, or whatever you want. The ruffled handles are my favorite part, but the entire bag is just gorgeous.

Instructions and Pattern: sew4home

39. School Bag Styled Tote

School Bag Styled ToteIn traditional school bag style, this tote is fabulous. You only need a yard of fabric, and just under a yard for the lining. The strap is great, but the pattern lets you leave that off if you don’t want to make it.

The tote is deep enough that your stuff will stay securely inside without it. You can add it though if you want for dramatic effect. I love how big this one is and it’s perfect for carrying books – if you need it for school. Otherwise, you can use it as a market tote or a large handbag.

Instructions and Pattern: projectsbyjess

40. DIY Scrunch Tote – Made With Fabric Scraps

DIY Scrunch Tote – Made With Fabric ScrapsYou don’t have to use scraps to make this, but you can. Plus, the strap is a belt – how easy is that? You can pick up a woman’s belt from Goodwill for a couple of dollars or less and it’s a great alternative to having to make the strap yourself.

This scrunchy looking tote is perfect if you like those larger type handbags or use it for carrying your beach necessities or whatever you want. I love it for books and maybe even knitting supplies to take along on road trips.

Instructions and Pattern: naechic

41. Easy Naughty Secretary Bag

Easy Naughty Secretary BagOkay, the name of this one is enough to make me want it, and that’s aside from the fact that it’s a lovely bag and so very easy to make. This one requires several steps, but all of them are easily done by the intermediate sewer, or even a beginner who is confident in her abilities.

It looks really professionally done when finished and would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any lady who loves stylish bags.

Instructions and Pattern: sewsweetness

42. Shirt And Tie Tote Bag

Shirt And Tie Tote BagThis is one of the most adorable bags ever. Ladies, if you just can’t bring yourself to be away from your man for too long, you can take along his shirt and tie to remind you of him while you’re out. You literally use an old dress shirt and tie to make this one.

It’s perfect for any occasion and would be a great book bag for little boys – assuming you’re not using a pink shirt or anything.

Instructions and Pattern: makeit-loveit

43. Simple DIY Six Pocket Bag

Simple DIY Six Pocket BagIf you need a tote bag that’s easy to make and has pockets for everything, this six pocket bag is the perfect project. It has three outer pockets on each side, so you have room to take everything you need and keep it neatly organized.

You would think it would be a bit more complicated given the number of pockets but it’s a really easy tote bag project and you can finish this one up in just a few hours.

Instructions and Pattern: bhg

44. Sling Style Tote Bag

Sling Style Tote BagThis sling style tote is really pretty and the wide band and handle make it really comfortable to carry. It’s not as large as some traditional tote bags but it will definitely hold all your essentials. Plus, it’s really easy to make and the contrasting band and handle look great.

Of course, you could do it all in one pattern, but it will draw much more attention if you contrast just a bit. This one would make a wonderful mini diaper bag, too.

Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

45. Easy DIY Spring Tote Bag

Easy DIY Spring Tote BagThis easy spring fashioned tote bag is made from a couple of tea towels. That’s what makes it so easy to make. You can of course, use fabric if you prefer but tea towels make it easy because they’re already cut.

If you want a tote bag project that you can finish in about an hour or less, and one that gives you a bag perfect for spring, this is it.

Instructions and Pattern: homemadebyjill

46. Summer Perfect Tote Bag

Summer Perfect Tote BagI just love the idea of using dish towels to make a tote bag. This one is made from dish cloths! You use two dish cloths that are the same size and you’ll need a yard of webbing.

It’s so much easier to create tote bags when your material is already cut for you and this one is super easy. You can make the handles longer if you prefer and choose dish cloths in any design, although these great summer designs would be perfect for vacation.

Instructions and Pattern: whatsthatgonnabe

47. Repurposed Sweater Tote Bag

Repurposed Sweater Tote BagRepurposing is so much fun. If you love it as much as I do, you’re really going to like this little tote bag that you create from an old sweater. Don’t throw out those old clothes – find a new use for them!

This little bag is perfect for when you want something stylish but lightweight. It’s also so very easy to make and you could coordinate so many different decorations to go on it.

Instructions and Pattern: makeit-loveit

48. DIY Weekender Bag

DIY Weekender BagHow about a bag that’s big enough to pack away clothes or toiletries for a weekend getaway? And, you can make it yourself. This versatile tote bag is large enough to carry a couple of outfits and even your bathroom necessities like a blow dryer or straightener.

If you’re only going away for a night or two, you don’t really want to carry bulky luggage. Instead, make this DIY weekender bag. With a leather looking base and trim, it’s an attractive bag and the pattern is easy enough for even the newest sewing fanatic.

Instructions and Pattern: wkdesigner

49. Easy Two Toned Tote

Easy Two Toned ToteThis two toned tote is easy to make and it’s a great look with its contrasting colors. It’s pretty big too, measuring 17 inches by 15 inches, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to incorporate the two designs than you think.

You could make so many of these and give them out as gifts. Even if you have a ton of tote bags, you know you want one of these stylish two toned bags, just for the fun of it.

Instructions and Pattern: makeit-loveit

50. Perfect DIY Utility Tote

Perfect DIY Utility ToteIf you need a basic tote pattern, this is an easy one. You can decorate this with any of the methods above and it’s a pretty large bag, so it’s perfect for books, market purchases, or anything you need to carry.

It’s 18 inches high and 12 inches wide. Plus, you get six inches of depth, so you’ll have room for just about anything you need. You can even fit a laptop in this one, and the shoulder strap is adjustable. It also has an inside pocket.

Instructions and Pattern: bagntell

51. Wallet Style Tote

Wallet Style ToteThis little wallet style tote is really adorable and it’s pretty easy to make. You’ll have three basic steps which include assembling the wallet, assembling the outside bag, and making the lining.

The tote bag zips up into a really neat wallet size so you can stick this in your purse and go. When you need it, just unzip and you have a full sized tote bag to carry all your stuff.

Instructions and Pattern: sewmamasew

52. Another Great Weekender Bag

Another Great Weekender BagAs someone who loves spur of the moment trips, I can tell you that you will never have too many weekender bags. This one is an extra-large sized bag that will easily fit your laptop, clothes, toiletries, and so much more with room to spare.

You could also use it as a really nice diaper bag, and it really resembles those expensive bags that you see in department stores for several hundred dollars. You can make it in less than a weekend and it won’t cost you anywhere near what you would pay for a new one.

Instructions and Pattern: megantada

53. Big Pocket Tote Bag

Big Pocket Tote BagThis would be a great library bag. It’s got a huge pocket in front and one that easily holds a pencil or pen. The lightweight design makes it perfect for carrying books – since books are heavy on their own, you don’t want any additional weight.

You could also use this one for crocheting or knitting supplies. The little pocket is perfect for keeping your needles safe and within reach. Plus, it’s a really easy little bag to make.

Instructions and Pattern: mycottoncreations

54. Cute Zippered Tote Bag

Cute Zippered Tote BagDon’t let the zipper on this cute bag scare you – you can easily make this! It looks like the smaller version of a laptop bag and you can use it for so many things. The pattern itself looks pretty simple, even with the zipper.

This lightweight bag would be perfect for smaller tablets or market purchases, and the straps are designed to snap off if you want to carry it like a small handbag.

Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

55. No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

No Sew T-Shirt Tote BagTote bag projects are great and they’re even better when there is no sewing required, right? This t-shirt tote bag doesn’t need to be sewn at all. In fact, you can make this in under half an hour and you’ll have a great bag from that favorite t-shirt.

These are great as gifts – just buy cheap t-shirts with sayings, bands, or whatever, and customize them for your gift recipient. Instead of sewing the bottom, you cut fringe and then just tie the fringe together. It’s a simple bag that’s got so much character.

Instructions and Pattern: mommypotamus

56. Minimalist Bag With Leather Straps

Minimalist Bag With Leather StrapsI really love the look of tote bags that have leather straps, especially canvas bags. You can easily make one yourself with this pattern. The entire thing should take you less than two hours to complete, and the bag is pretty room so you can take it along to the market and fill it up with loads of stuff.

This one requires sewing but you also need to work with grommets and the leather, so it’s a project that lets you use all of your crafting skills.

Instructions and Pattern: designsponge

57. Easy Half Hour Tote Bag

Easy Half Hour Tote BagIn just under half an hour, you could create this lovely and really durable tote bag. You can really never have too many totes, right? And of course, you want a tote bag that is durable and can handle whatever you throw into it.

This one is as durable as it is easy to sew and since you can turn one out in less than half an hour, it’s the perfect bag to give as a gift. Imagine making up a few of these before the holidays and giving out handmade bags as gifts!

Instructions and Pattern: babble

58. No Sew Leather And Canvas Bag

No Sew Leather And Canvas BagDid you know that you could get a great canvas and leather bag without sewing? You can! This huge bag is perfect for anything you need to carry and again, it’s a no sew project, which puts it at the top of my list.

Instead of dragging out the sewing machine, you use fabric glue or liquid stitch on this one. The leather handles are great and really make it look fancy, and even those don’t have to be sewn on. If you want an easy leather and canvas bag, this is about as easy as it gets.

Instructions and Pattern: homeyohmy

59. Big Diaper Bag Styled Tote

Big Diaper Bag Styled ToteIf you need a big diaper bag or you just want a tote bag that’s big enough to double as a diaper bag, this is a great project to try. This bag has loads of pockets and plenty of room for everything, plus it’s got an adjustable strap.

Whether you want a DIY diaper bag or you just really like tote bags that give you room for organization, this one is great and it’s durable and really easy to put together.

Instructions and Pattern: sew4home

60. Easy DIY Pocket Tote

Easy DIY Pocket ToteThis adorable and easy to make DIY pocket tote is perfect for so many occasions. It has enough room to hold everything you need like wallet, phone, and keys or you could use it as a small diaper bag or even store your tablet in it.

It is so stylish with its leather trim and there are pockets all the way around. If you want a tote bag but not one that’s really huge, but you do want the convenience of pockets, this is the perfect DIY tote for you.

Instructions and Pattern: flamingotoes

Fashion Tote DIY – Make This Adorable Tote Bag Yourself

Fashion Tote DIY – Make This Adorable Tote Bag Yourself

Here is another adorable DIY tote bag project from Crazy Little Projects. This would be a great gift for pre-teens or teenage girls. It has adorable ruffles and is relatively easy to make.

You begin with a tote bag that you can find at any craft store and then just embellish on it just a bit. The tutorial tells you exactly what you need to make it and how to cut, pin and sew it all into place. This is a great bag and the polka dots are just adorable, although you can do it in whatever pattern you like.

Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

Keep Your Crafts Organized with This Easy DIY Tote Bag

Keep Your Crafts Organized with This Easy DIY Tote Bag

This is a really cute and handy project. Every DIY’er needs to have a tote bag to keep those projects organized. Well, here is your chance to make your very own foldable tote bag.

You can make this your next DIY project and use it for future projects. You just need a bit of material and the instructions are really very easy.

They even tell you how to properly design the bag so that it folds up really easy for storage or for putting inside your purse. This is a quick and really adorable project and you can make tote bags for all of your DIY friends. Thanks to Zaaberry for the idea.

Instructions and Pattern: zaaberry

Make Your Own Beach Tote

Make Your Own Beach Tote – A Great DIY Craft for Summer!

This is a great little tote bag for summer from Crazy Little Projects. The entire pattern is available on the site. You just have to print it out and get started. This is a really easy project that does require a bit of sewing but if you are an avid sewer then you should be able to turn this out in just a couple of hours. You just need a couple of yards of fabric and a yard of interfacing.

It’s a great little bag and fairly roomy so you will have space for all of those beach necessities. This would be a great project for gift giving if you know someone who just loves totes.

Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

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