How To Make a Framed Jeans Pocket Organizer

You know that feeling when you need a pen, and you can never seem to find one? I experience that feeling at least once a day. And, I own hundreds of pens. They’re just all scattered around the desk in my office – there’s no organization. So, I started thinking that maybe there was a better way to keep those …

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How To Make A Gorgeous Fabric Flower Headband

Flower crowns are so popular, and for a good reason – They’re gorgeous! I have seen so many of these in the past couple of years at weddings and other special occasions, and I knew that my girls would love them. So, I decided to try my hand at making them. Y’all these are so easy! What Is A Flower …

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How to Make a Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with jewelry! Honestly, I have so much that I had to recently purchase a new jewelry wardrobe just to hold it all! One of my favorite jewelry pieces is bracelets. And, I’m very excited to show you how to make this gorgeous ribbon and pearl bracelet for your own jewelry wardrobe. …

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