Wie Sie Ihre eigenen Keramik Scheune inspiriert Jute Tischsets machen

Don’t you just love the unique home decor at Pottery Barn? I recently saw these fabulous round placemats that I really wanted, but their price tag of nearly $100 for the set of 4 was just way out of my league. So I decided to try to make my own.

How To Make Your Own Pottery Barn Inspired Jute Placemats

These DIY Pottery Barn inspired placemats are great! They’re so easy to make, and they really do look just like those more expensive versions from Pottery Barn.

Rope placemat with a plate

What You Need For DIY Placemats

I found this excellent jute rope on Amazon, and it’s pretty cheap, or you can use sisal. You could also check your local craft or hobby stores. I know Hobby Lobby has it. Aside from the rope, you also need a hot glue gun, and that’s about it.

What’s The Difference In Jute And Sisal?

Sisal and jute are very similar, but they feel different when you touch them. Sisal is a bit coarser than jute, and which one you use for these DIY nautical placemats depends on what you have available or what you prefer. You can use either.

DIY placemats with a plate and pink flower

What Else Can You Make With Rope?

I love how rope gives things a lovely nautical look. If that’s the look that you want for your dining room or patio, then these DIY jute placemats are perfect.

I’ve also shown you other things that you can do with some leftover rope, like this ottoman from rope and a tire and these 21 stylish DIY rope projects. Also, if you want nautically inspired decor, these beach decor projects are perfect!

Yield: 1

How To Make Your Own Pottery Barn Inspired Jute Placemats

Make these Pottery Barn inspired jute placemats with this easy to follow video tutorial. Step-by-step instructions show you how to create these lovely nautical placemats easily.

Prep Time 5 minutes

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 20 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $3


  • Rope – Jute or Sisal works well

What’s your favorite DIY nautical project that you’ve done?

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